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Eyes are not made to see,
they are made to watch.

Lazzarini Watches is born to stop and give a look in the past of watchmaking. Passion is the engine which moves our mind to a new concept of design and mechanical timepieces.
The soul of every Lazzarini is made of steel, with a classic guideline in every pen line.


Quality and precision in making and design are the main pillars of our products.
Every watch is uniquely designed to meet the customer needs and emotions.
Customers are directly involved in design process in order to manufacture the timepiece which most suits to his or her dreams. 


Our mechanical wrist watches are inspired to the nature of our Bel Paese. Night skies above Alpi mountains, wolves howl to the moon, beatiful creatures of our seas. Mechanic of watch don’t need to be understood, it needs to be lived, with the same passion used for its creation. 

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Alessandro Lazzarini

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