Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

We love what we do

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

Our working process

She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself on the way.


Brand Statistics

Low amount of selected suppliers to assure the best quality in watch construction and follow up

Customers medium rate: 9.2/10

Monitored origin of all watch components (Italy and Switzerland)

Manufacturing processes with neutral environmental impact

Over 20 unique timepieces selled all around the globe

100% internal project development

General prodution times: 
Prototyping: 3/4 working weeks 
Production: 8/9 working weeks

Unlimited customization possibilities


The company born on 5 th December of this year, with the same objectives carried out until now. We started ourselves on the market with our first model, Notturno, produced in 5 limited pieces with open heart design and japanese movement ORIENT. 


Even due to COVID, Lazzarini partecipate to the first edition of Watches of Italy, national showroom on italian watchmaking field. This is the first national event of the company, where the first Notturno serie is revived with new customized belts. 


Lazzarini expand its own know-how on watch customization. No more only customized stamping, but dedicated study on movement manufacturing, case production methods, boxes and belts where customization is possible under every point of view. Through this concept, Lazzarini developed an affordable partners network, and so more restricted and particular customer expectations. 


The second line of model Notturno is placed on the market. This model mounts the same movement of previous one, but available in 3 different colours: Wooden with open heart, Red with vertical guillochè and full minimal black. 

With 5 pieces per colour, Lazzarini shom once again the possibility to manage extremely limited quantities, reaching a great quality standard that can explain the price of the product. The partecipation of Lazzarini to the third edition of Watches of Italy bring this limited serie to complete sold out. 


Lazzarini add the most modern and environmental friendly industrial processes to its internal project management, together with italian and swiss craftsmanship. The available resources are invested in a compeltely new website, together with the beginning of a new project model, completely new in every features, starting from time readiness: IRIDE. 

This is also the first year when Lazzarini watches is sponsor of a local sport association.