One project, one mission, one watch.

Every model of ours born from an inspiration, then transformed in a realistic project.  Pen and paper are the main instruments to let our ideas being alive, and through these instruments Lazzarini start the project stage.

All Lazzarini models have different project development under all parts. This is done to keep evey model different from each other, lovable from our customers for its uniqueness.

After the project is completely evaluated, Lazzarini assure the technical feasability of the idea through 3D drawing process. The designing process will in this way be completed and Lazzarini can proceed to a dedicated offer to the customer. 

Our mission in this job is to assure the complete assistance to our customer under every project phase, from project, to production, to final delivery of the product.

Materialized Visions: Lazzarini and the Mission of Every Unique Watch

First step after Project: Prototyping

After a time that can go from 30 to 60 working days, through dedicated material selection on the market, Lazzarini proceed with first prototyping stage, where a plastic case is produced to ensure the correct dimensions, wearability and product conformance to previous Lazzarini project. Prototype is not meant to be sold, but ensure the technical feasability of the project only. 

Second stage: Pre-selling 

Preselling activiy is essential to let Lazzarini proceed with the manufacturing of the timepieces. Our watches are hand made, therefore the production need to be carried out on step by step to ensure the correct watch manufacturing. The piece will be reserved to the customer according to the order emitted to Lazzarini, who will provide a dedicated timeline to the customer together with uniqueness certification.
It is understandable that, in order to start the manufacturing process, the watch amount is required to fullfill the process according to our terms and conditions, together with individual terms agreed with the customer.

Third stage: Production

Once all technical and commercial terms are agreed and defined, Lazzarini will start with the best part: Production.
The production of our timepieces will take from 60 to 90 working days, due to uniqueness and craftsmanship applied. 

Fourth stage: Delivery

Once the production is done,m Lazzarini will provide to the customer photografic report and test report of the watch.
According to the commercial agreements applicable, the shipment will then considered as ready to be unlocked. Lazzarini ship worldwide and we will do our best to select only the best shipper to assure the final delivery of the product. 

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